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C11 - Exploring the standard

C is often an overlooked programming language, being taught in some places (very wrongly) as an introductory one. For that reason, some intermediate and advanced topics of the language give place to a lot of doubt amongst newcomers. The standard is meant to define the language and guide developers through the path of programming compliant code that can be widely supported, but they are not always an easy read. This article is the first from a serie of articles where I’ll explore parts of the standard and unveil good coding practices and mispractices.

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C11 - Memory Location

While writing the introductory blog article about the C11 standard, I noticed there was a concept defined in Section 3 that required some deeper explanation. At some point the complexity of the discussion grew to a point where it would be better explained having an article of its own. Memory Location is an important definition in the scope of memory management and multi-threads, specially when it comes to avoiding Race Conditions.

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A guide to using Scrolling Animation

While working on a webpage, I had interest in using animations activated by the scrolling to display some content in a more dynamic way. This is not an uncommon effect on websites, and there are some third-party plugins out there that will get the job done. However, I was interested in writing my own implementation for simple animations. In this article, I’ll present the script I wrote and instructions of how to use it!

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Making comment sections with Staticman - Part 3

On the final part of this articles series I discuss the client-side part of the comment system. Making the layout and using Javascript to safely display the comments on the page.

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Making comment sections with Staticman - Part 2

On the second part of this articles series I describe the overview of the idea I had for my comment system and how I took the first step of making it work: Setting up the comment database page.

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Making comment sections with Staticman - Part 1

While researching about ways to implement comment sections in static webpages, I noticed many blogs out there use third-party commenting systems. I’d say a considerable number of the ones I visited used Disqus or WordPress Jetpack, but there are many options out there, like Facebook Comments and Google+ Comments. Even when choosing a third-party commenting system there are some advantadges and disvantadges about each one you’ll have to pounder before choosing. But generally speaking, as tempting as it was to use a commenting system without worrying too much about any coding myself (except what I’d need to embbed it), I had a few reasons that made me reconsider it:

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B(r)owser Koopa: Browser support becomes an enemy

I want to start writing on this blog talking about an issue that probably haunts every single front-end web-developer out there: browser support.

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